Mike Morgan, a native Nevadan, found he had a passion for working on cars when he was just a teenager. Now after over twenty-eight years in the automotive repair industry, he still has the same spark.


Our expert team can perform a number of repairs to your vehicle. These range from general repairs, emission testing, coolant system repairs to electrical and ignition system repairs.

Brakes, Suspension and Alignment
The service technicians at Mike’s Automotive Perfection are experts at diagnosing, servicing or repairing the brakes and front end suspension of your vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance
At Mike’s Automotive Perfection, we can meet all of your scheduled maintenance needs.

Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
If you have drivability issues or you have indicator lights on the dashboard showing your vehicle needs attention, bring it to Mike’s Automotive Perfection for a diagnosis.

Meet The Team

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